Nathan Sturgis


Nathan Sturgis is a bit of a journeyman who is primarily a defensive midfielder. He has scored just one goal in MLS career and even that was from the penalty spot. I’ve seen his salary listed at both 90k and 69k, not sure which is current, either way he’s a reasonable pick up and you’ve got to believe Dom will get more than any other coach out of the 24 year old.

Dynamo Scarves

With winter upon us (here in Kansas a bit more than in Houston) I started wondering what kinds of scarves exist for Dynamo fans. So here you go.

I love this one with lots of Space City Blue. However I could not find a real photo of how it turned out.

Another great one with plenty of orange and blue. 

Spanish, very cool.

A special one game event. Not sure why this game was so special, but I love watching Dynamo play Seattle because of all the bright color. 

You can see a few more here. I would love to see Texian army use the blue more or their old 1836ish looking logo. Lot’s of potential with their gear. Their stuff could be what fans have been asking for if they would embrace the blue a bit more. Make a scarf with substantial blue and I’ll buy one for sure.